Prosthetic treatment

Prosthetic treatment is often an aesthetic improvement in the shape and color of teeth using ceramic crowns and porcelain veneers, but Dental Art Studio goes a step further by also repairing the under-occlusion to restore teeth and “bite” (how upper and lower teeth meet each other) damaged by normal wearing over time.

At Dental Art Studio, you will also find a wide range of aesthetic offers including  ceramic-on-metal and all-ceramic crowns, traditional ceramic veneers and non-prep veneers, which do not require any grinding of tooth tissues. Our aesthetic treatments are  always preceded by a visualization of work on models – or so-called “Wax-up” to reduce or minimize repairs, which is especially important for our many foreign clients.

Particular attention at Dental Art Studio is devoted to patients who suffer from bruxism(excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching), as well as reduced clamping height or temporomandibular joint disease (where jaw attachment has deteriorated affecting “bite”) and we offer the finest methods—surgical and non-surgical—to fix these problems.

Dental Art Studio, using the latest technology, can quickly and cost-effectively diagnose dental needs using the Swiss system produced by Amann Girrbach(face arch and articulator), and “Centrofix” system that even takes into account edentulous (missing)  teeth. This is the most cost-effective method for treatment planning, as it allows our professionals to avoid or minimize unnecessary mistakes and repairs, which can be especially important in reducing the cost and reworks often associated with implants.   

Dental Art Studio has invested heavily in the latest technology available to help us “get it right the first time.”