Dental surgery

While surgical procedures often arouse negative emotions in patients, Dental Arts Studio employs the latest and most effective methods of preventing pain during—and after—the procedures.

In our facility, treatments are performed by first-class specialists and always carried out under local anesthesia to prevent discomfort.

Tooth removal, root apical resection, surgical removal of retained teeth and even bone augmentation procedures can be performed painlessly, using these methods.

Dental Arts Studio also offers resection of the apical root, which  consists of the surgical removal of inflammation at the apex of the tooth root, which is treated endodontically in situations where repeated treatment is impossible (e.g.,  a crown-root insert to support the tooth).

Dental Arts Studio recommends and offers bone augmentation procedures after both tooth extraction and apical resection procedures.  Using the latest methods and procedures, we introduce material into the treatment field, that results in the bone  growing faster and more effectively.