Prosthethic implant

Implantology is the latest in dental technology, and offers a permanent solution for lost teeth.  It consists of a surgical part (implant placement) and a prosthetic part (reconstruction of a tooth on an implant crown, bridge, or prosthesis).

Implant technology is safe, durable and provides a wide range of prosthetic solutions. The implant acts as a beautiful, permanent replacement for natural teeth, because they can be used in the absence of a part—or all—of the tooth being replaced.

The implant is an artificial root that is secured in the bone tissue of the jaw or mandible to serve as a solid and permanent support for new teeth or prostheses.

Implants are made of titanium – a material completely biocompatible with the human body.

When using dental implants, we do not need to grind neighbor teeth. Implants are also perfect stabilizers for total dentures.

The implantation procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. It takes approximately 3 months for the implant root to permanently bond in the mandible, and approximately 6 months in the maxilla.

After the new implanted root has healed and become a part of the jaw, the new permanent tooth is affixed to it.

Dental Arts Studio uses Abutments4life from the Swiss company Cendres Métaux.  This is the best abutment product available and this company’s system offers a convenient, comfortable method that shortens the time of treatment by immediately placing the abutment and temporary crown on the implanted root. This method also provides highly aesthetic effects by encouraging gingival healing (rather than disrupting it) and is recommended for anterior teeth replacement.

Dental Arts Studio’s implantologists studied comparative processes and procedures throughout Europe, and found its procedure and the Swiss abutment to be by far the best process and product—yet cost effective for patients as well.