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Our Privacy Policy

A. Introduction

1. The privacy of visitors to our site is very important to us and we protect it. This privacy policy explains what we do with your personal information.

2. The submission of personal data by the user is completely voluntary. All personal data provided to us is processed only to the extent and for the purposes necessary to provide services or products offered by Dental Art Studio and is strictly limited to this purpose.  In particular, your information is used to enable registration, to place an order for services or make payment settlements, as well as the consideration of any complaints, the archives of your treatment, or contact information to be used for these purposes only. Your data is never sold or shared with other companies outside the Dental Art group, for any reason.

3. Every user who has shared his data in the registration form has unrestricted access to it. The user can verify, modify or request that we delete this information at any time,  and we will do so.

B. Protecting the privacy of our customers is of great importance to us, and we ensure the security of the personal data entrusted to us.  We will do our best to increase the level of this protection as better security comes available. In order to explain to our users the rules and method of collecting, processing and using information about users, below we present a document that clearly explains the protection of our users’ privacy:

Who is the administrator of users’ personal data?

The owner and administrator of personal data is Dr. Magdalena Iwaniec-Woltz, who runs a business under the name Dental Art Studio, a medicine. stom. Magdalena Iwaniec-Woltz’s headquarters are in Warsaw (02-652), at ul. Magazynowa 11 U3, NIP 5422406098, REGON 14135126.

How do we protect your personal data?

The most important elements of the users’ personal data protection system are:

1) Access to personal data of the user is available only to employees or associates of Dental Art Studio who have been authorized to process personal data and are obliged by contract to keep personal data confidential, and have been further trained in accordance with our personal data security policy.

2) Dental Art Studio meets all standards of personal data protection. For the protection of personal data of users, technical and organizational measures ensuring that is is processed in accordance with the requirements of personal data protection regulations, including the regulations put forth by the Minister of Interior and Administration of 29 April 2004, on personal data processing documentation and technical conditions to be applied. Organizational devices, such as IT systems for personal data processing as stated in (Journal of Laws 2004, No. 100, item 1024, as amended) and as recommended in guidelines of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection, have been applied in our policy and security.

The Administrator is in full compliance with all legal obligations regarding the protection of personal data.

Why and for which personal data do we ask users?

By registering for the visit, the user fills in the form and provides the necessary data including only that needed by Dental Art Studio:

Name and Surname – necessary to register the right person,

Telephone number – necessary to contact in case of unforeseen events and changes,

E-mail address – necessary for communication related to the registration or appointments.

Users’ personal data is downloaded automatically after entering it on the Dental Art Studio website.

Dental Art Studio applies small text files (cookies) to be placed on end-user devices (eg computers) via web browsers. These files allow you to store specific information on the end user’s devices so it can be read through the website that created these files. Cookies usually contain, in addition to the domain name of the website from which they originate, the time of storing them on the end device and a unique number.

User’s web browsers generally allow for the storage of cookies on the end user’s device by default. At any time, however, users have the option and the right to change the settings for cookies. In order to change the settings of cookies, users should read the detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling cookies, which are available in the web browser settings. In the event that the user does not agree to the placement of cookies on his device, he may block their placement by configuring his web browser. Information on how to do it can be found in the help files of your web browser. Unfortunately, if you block cookies from our websites, we can not guarantee its correct operation. If the user does not change the settings in the scope of cookies, these files will be included in the user’s end device. This means that we will store information on the user’s end device and access this information, but only when contacted.

Sharing of users’ personal data.

We can completely ensure our users that we do not share their personal data with other persons or entities except those that cooperate with Dental Art Studio in patients’ treatment, such as our lab other professionals working on specific treatments for that patient.


1. Dental Art Studio in matters related to the implementation of registration, contacts the user using the e-mail address provided by him or her. Only in specific situations or emergency will we use the telephone number provided by the user.

2. If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy policy and the security of your personal data, we encourage you to contact us at our number +48 502 348 545 or via e-mail address:

In the above cases, you can also correspond with us at: Dental Art Studio, ul. Magazynowa 11 U3, 02-652 Warsaw.

Thank you!