Vector Paro

Vector Paro is a gentle method of periodontal treatment using piezoelectrics to break down scale and pathological biofilm on teeth and under gums.This new technology uses a scaler and paro tip for work on the subgingival. Vector therapy is a safe way to break up plaque under gums that cause many gum diseases, using ultrasound energy. 

The linear nature of the work of the microcircuits minimizes the pain sensation, and the removal of limestone and sediment occurs in a gentle and effective manner. The device is equipped with a hydroxyapatite fluid feeder to reduce pain, providing comfort for patients with highly sensitive teeth while whitening them (even by half tone). Unlike other treatments, Vector therapy can be used on permanent prosthetic restorations (crowns and bridges, because it does not scratch porcelain) as well as implants.

The microcontroller system is adapted to thoroughly clean the pocket at the implant without damaging its surface. This treatment also prevents periimplantitis – a frequent periodontal infection affecting implants.

Dental Art Studio’s doctors and hygienists received special training in proper use of Vector Scaler and Paro by the German makers of this latest in dental technology.